Sleep/TMJ evaluation

Dr. Merchant and team does thorough exam and workup to see if there is a connection between Temporomandibular joint(TMJ) dysfunction and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Understanding the root cause can help determine the right course of treatment to manage this medical condition with a dental solution.

Studies show that about 75% of TMJ pain patients are diagnosed with sleep apnea, and 52% of OSA patients experience persistent TMJ pain. Health risks for undiagnosed OSA includes:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Stroke
  • Heart issues
  • Blood Sugar and Metabolism
  • Cancer
  • Mental Health and Alzheimer's
  • Impaired Cognitive Functioning
  • Fatigue & Accidents
  • Immune Health
  • Signs & Symptoms of TMJ And Neuromuscular Dysfunction:

    • Frequent Headaches / Migraine Headaches
    • Clenching or Grinding of the Teeth (Bruxism)
    • "Popping" or "Clicking" of the jaw
    • Cracking, chipping or breaking of dental restorations
    • Forward Head Posture
    • Deviation of the Jaw
    • Ringing or congestion in the ears
    • Neck, Shoulders and Back Pain
    • Numbness or tingling in the arms & fingers
    • Worn or Cracked Teeth
    • Abnormal Wear of the Teeth
    • Unexplained Loose Teeth
    • Tender, Sensitive Teeth
    • Jaw and Jaw Joint Pain
    • Chewing Difficulties

    If you have concerns about snoring and sleep apnea, it may be time to make an appointment! TMJ/Sleep workup appointment is the first step to address chief complaint of each patient regarding Airway, Breathing, Sleep and/or TMJ dysfunction. We can help in managing these medical conditions in a dental office. Thorough examination includes:

    • Sleep/TMJ Questionnaires
    • Palpation of Head & Neck muscles
    • CBCT (Cone Beam Tomography to view head and neck)
    • HST (Home Sleep Test)
    • 3D imaging of upper and lower arch
    • Posture Pro evaluation to understand Jaw and body connection
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