Myoaligner offers a Functional Solution to malocclusion, complimenting the much-needed simultaneous airway and TMD treatments.

In order to help you understand the circumstances of your jaw alignment treatment ­­process with Functional Segmented Orthotics, we have made an estimated list of appointments that are generally needed. Please understand that each case is different, and the following is not a definite treatment sequence. Your dental treatment is a collaboration between you and your dentist. There may be unanticipated and necessary changes, such as additions and deletions, to the accepted treatment plans once it has been initiated. Following is the treatment sequence followed in our practice for the predictable outcome of your proposed treatment.

Appointment #1 (90-120 min)

TMJ Extensive Exam (signs/symptoms), review medical/Dental History, diagnostic digital Impressions, Cone Beam CT, ULF- TENS Therapy and Myobite registration.

Appointment #2 (60 min)

ULF- TENS Therapy(20-40min), deliver Myoaligner Appliance and Adjustment/Equilibration

Appointment #3 (30 min, 2 week post-op)

Adjustment/Equilibration and testimonial (Video or Audio)

Appointment #4 (60 min, 3 month post-op)

Adjustment/Equilibration. TMJ Extensive Exam (post treatment Signs/Symptoms) Review of Phase 2 treatment options

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